Why is it for you?

The financial aspects of QARAT SAP A1 Solution help ensure that organizations have access to the required information when they need it.

The SAP financial modules maintain a consistent, reconciled, and auditable set of books for use in statutory reporting, management support and as a source for analytic applications, and help a company take control of its profitability.

Financial Accounting

QARAT SAP A1 Localised for MENA provides real-time access to the information you need, boosting the effectiveness of your company’s financial department.

Management Accounting

QARAT SAP A1 Localised for MENA provides monitoring and control of information on the company’s performance, within an environment fully integrated with the transactions and operations across the organisation. The accounting functionality keeps a complete, accurate, and audited set of books for legal reporting and management information. It is the source of information for analytical applications, allowing your company to have strict control of the rate-of-return.

How it is delivered?

QARAT is a perfect fit for today’s small and mid size trading organizations. We deliver it as attractively packaged product, which could be activated using cost-effective approach in 2-3 months time.

Core Benefits

Today Vinci offer based on SAP QARAT Finance Template, which is designed to bring the disciplined approach to law firms, management consultants, financial and other professional services firms.

If you are a partner you must be able to use these capabilities to optimize resource utilization, leverage resources, apply them effectively, and demonstrate superior management capabilities to your clients.

Product Component


With essential scope of Financial and Management Accounting, Procurement, Sales & Services and Management work-flow your firm will allow the alignment of information resources across business processes, which will provide leaders with insights about operations and to allow them to focus on improving performance. QARAT built-in decision support capabilities provide consolidations by individual, project team, client, practice group, office, or overall firm.

SAP Modules

Sales & Sales & Services
Purchasing (Services)

Financial Controlling
Financial Accounting
Human Resources
Business Objects Executive Dashboard