• SAP Qarat Construction

    Designed for project-driven construction and other contracting companies to address their unique business requirements of predictable costs, operational efficiency, an entire project visibility, integrated processes, and scalability.
    • Comprehensive cost estimates via BOQ.
    • Prime contracts, subcontracts and PR/PO supported by workflow.
    • World-class reporting.
    • Delivery time is 3-4 months at a fixed price.

    Why is it for you?

    Since two decades back an integrated ERP systems have been replacing home-grown, single-purpose applications such as accounting, project management, warehouse management and maintenance support. This has been happening mainly in project-intensive industries and nowadays progressive construction companies and forward-thinking contractors come joined actively fuelling this trend.

    We ensured that QARAT is leveraging industry best practices so it provides construction and general contracting companies with an opportunity to utilise reliable solutions and benefit from proven industry experience and world-class technology.

    How it is delivered?

    QARAT is a perfect fit for today’s small and mid size construction, engineering and contracting companies. We deliver it as attractively packaged product, which could be activated using cost-effective approach in 2-3 months time.

    Core Benefits

    • You will be able to review the project engineer’s estimates of probable costs and produce a proposal bid item list to include into the bid documents.
    • For that you will have comprehensive cost estimates via historical cost maintained centrally and you will be able to create budgets based on detailed BOQ-based project estimates. Also you will have a help of ready master tables and items for infrastructure projects e.g. fixed asset types for construction equipment.
    • You will be able to issue prime contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, potential change orders, and change orders, then release these items into accounting for review, approval, and posting. Along the way you can review the subcontract and PO status, initial and revised totals, pending and approved changes, and amounts invoiced, retained and paid.
    • You will run pre-designed reports and inquiries and be able to design your own.

    Product Component


    Being fully integrated and comprehensive, QARAT incorporates an array of business functionality including procurement, inventory management, project management, project estimation, job costing, financial services, workforce management, sales, customer services and document management.

    Project Management

    With QARAT all activities right from pre-construction to post construction project stage will be captured and monitored. The management will be able to access and manage onsite activities from anywhere and anytime as the management workflow will facilitate the master data confirmation, vendor documents release as well as all subsequent approval steps.

    SAP Modules

    Contract Management
    Project Execution
    Project Management
    Subcontractor Management (Purchasing)
    Purchasing (Material)
    Opportunity Management
    Financial Controlling
    Financial Accounting
    Human Resources
    Business Objects Executive Dashboard