QARAT SAP ERP delivers industry functionality using proven tools and methodologies to get you up and running faster with SAP A1.

Your solution will feature built-in industry best practices to help you optimizes company's operations.

Benefits by Function:

Financial Accounting
  • Real-time monitoring of all financial operations, enabling accurate, just-in-time information
  • Streamlined collection and payment operations and an optimized cash flow
  • Effective tools for measuring and optimizing performance to boost productivity
  • Compliance with the GCC requirements and with local regulatory requirements
Management Accounting
  • Enhanced effectiveness of business processes
  • Support of decision-making processes as a result of accurate and complete information on the rate of return and costs
  • Stricter cost control
Sales and Distribution
  • Increased number of sales orders and reduced administrative costs through automation of sales order management and use of profitable solutions
  • Higher customer satisfaction with provision of accurate timely information
  • Maximized productivity and boosted sales
Procurement and
Logistics Execution
  • Sustained cost savings for all spend categories through automation of routine tasks, such as automatic determining of sources, converting requisitions into purchase orders
  • Enhanced productivity in all incoming and outgoing physical goods movements
  • Better informed decisions with faster corrective actions
  • Better business performance as a result of strategy guided actions
  • Faster response to changing business condition
  • Increased competitive advantage
General Benefits for
Business Operations
  • Automated and streamlined business processes, with greater adaptability
  • Increased productivity as a result of the role-based solution and centralized information
  • Improved decision making, with strategic business insight


  • Flexible and powerful technology combined with robust scalability designed for investment protection,
  • Vendor stability world-class customer support,
  • The lowest total cost of ownership and time-to-benefit with minimum business disruption,
  • A worldwide network of qualified SAP midmarket industry business partners.
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Rapid Deployment | Fixed Price

All businesses face the challenges of streamlining operations, enhancing efficiencies, and reducing costs. Midsize companies are also constrained by time, budgets, and IT resources.

  • That’s why SAP offers a predefined pricing structure tied to a proven implementation approach.
  • This streamlined implementation approach minimises disruptions to your business while maximizing user adoption.
  • Furthermore, the implementation delivers immediate business benefits and value for high overall return on your investment and a low total cost-of-ownership.
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